Journal of Western Archives

26 02 2010

Scholarly output for archivists has expanded. Curious about the title and geographic orientation. Are there really regional issues in the archival profession? I guess, I can see salaries as largely driven by geography but access, preservation, metadata, descriptions, born digital, ect… are common themes. At any rate, best of luck on the newest venture.

The Society of California Archivists, the Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists, the Conference of Inter-Mountain Archivists, and the Northwest Archivists, Inc. are pleased to announce the establishment of a new peer reviewed open access, online journal—the Journal of Western Archives. The journal will explore important Western regional issues in archives, the development of the archival profession in the western United States, collaborative efforts and projects amongst cultural institutions, and other topics important to archivists working in the western United States. A first call for papers will be distributed early next week and will contain the new journal’s Web address. Contact Gordon Daines at gordon_daines @ with any questions.