CDL Hosted Archivist Toolkit and Archon Service

3 03 2010

The California Digital Library now offers an Archivists’ Toolkit / Archon Hosted Service, as part of its collection management tools offerings. CDL offers to provide the technical backend support for institutions that do not have that capability.

Overview and Features

CDL-hosted versions of the Archivists’ Toolkit (AT) and Archon archival data management systems are available to contributors.

AT and Archon are popular open-source archival data management systems providing broad, integrated support for records and manuscript collections. They can be used to record information about collection workflows (appraisals, accessioning, processing, and deaccessioning); describe collection items, including digitized objects within a collection; generate print, HTML, and EAD collection guides; note the physical location of collection items; track reference questions; and more.

Both products offer support for describing and managing archival collections, but each has different features and functionality (see Appendixes 2-3 of this CLIR report).

EAD collection guides generated by both tools can be contributed to the OAC. The AT, in particular, also supports the creation of METS-encoded digital objects, which can also be contributed to OAC and Calisphere. UC campus repositories may additionally submit these METS to the CDL-hosted UC Libraries’ Digital Preservation Repository (DPR).

What We Offer

By hosting one or both of these applications, we seek to provide the technical infrastructure for institutions that do not have the capacity to host the backend databases locally. Institutions only need to implement the application clients to use the systems. Our goal is to 1) provide you with different options of applications, depending on what is best suited to your institution’s needs, and 2) help your institution avoid costs associated with creating or hosting an archival data management system locally.

The service currently includes the following support:

* Storage of your data on our servers, including data recovery and backup

* Centralized system and software upgrades

* Technical/database support and user support, including transitioning users to newer software versions as they are released

Read more here.




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