10 Challenges for Next Generation of Collections

2 03 2010

In today’s economic climate, challenges for archives, libraries and museums become more salient. Administrators who traditionally acknowledged the importance of such institutions are now requiring them to demonstrate their value and ability to provide a return on investment. In my mind, the return on investment does not have to relate to income growth but can and should account for increased visibility/marketing, curriculum support and other added value services. See Are You Worth It?

Archives, libraries and museums must typically go above and beyond to claim a piece of the financial pie when funds are scarce. Case in point: the Columbus State University Archives located in Columbus, Georgia has been without an archivist for over a year and a half because the University administration has not been convinced that the archives provides value or has the ability to provide a return on investment. The State of Georgia has also effectively zeroed all support for the humanities.

Nick Poole’s presentation is well worth viewing. Think about it  and put thought to action.




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