Archivists’ Toolkit™ (AT) and Archon™ Integration update

27 02 2010

After conducting surveys and webinars designed to identify and prioritize requirements, the Archivists’ Toolkit™ (AT) and Archon™ teams announce a preliminary project schedule. The technical planning will take place this spring and will be followed by the creation of a sustainable governance and business model this summer. The end goal is to submit a detailed project/production plan to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation by the fall.  The Mellon Foundation has awarded $539,000 regarding the development of the integrated archiving tool.

Susan Harum, at the University of Illinois, will serve as the Project Director for the planning phase. Annie Ross, at the UC San Diego Libraries, will oversee continuing support for Archivists’ Toolkit™ (AT) and Archon™ users while these applications are maintained at their current level. AT archivist Bradley Westbrook of UC San Diego Libraries and Archon archivists Christopher Prom and Scott Schwartz will form the archives team for the AT/Archon integration project. They are charged with the single task of determining the functional requirements and drafting specifications for the integrated application.

AT 2.0 update 3 is the latest version of Archivists’ Toolkit™ and Archon™ has recently released version 3.0.




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