Archivists’ Toolkit™ (AT) and Archon™ Integration update

27 02 2010

After conducting surveys and webinars designed to identify and prioritize requirements, the Archivists’ Toolkit™ (AT) and Archon™ teams announce a preliminary project schedule. The technical planning will take place this spring and will be followed by the creation of a sustainable governance and business model this summer. The end goal is to submit a detailed project/production plan to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation by the fall.  The Mellon Foundation has awarded $539,000 regarding the development of the integrated archiving tool.

Susan Harum, at the University of Illinois, will serve as the Project Director for the planning phase. Annie Ross, at the UC San Diego Libraries, will oversee continuing support for Archivists’ Toolkit™ (AT) and Archon™ users while these applications are maintained at their current level. AT archivist Bradley Westbrook of UC San Diego Libraries and Archon archivists Christopher Prom and Scott Schwartz will form the archives team for the AT/Archon integration project. They are charged with the single task of determining the functional requirements and drafting specifications for the integrated application.

AT 2.0 update 3 is the latest version of Archivists’ Toolkit™ and Archon™ has recently released version 3.0.

Journal of Western Archives

26 02 2010

Scholarly output for archivists has expanded. Curious about the title and geographic orientation. Are there really regional issues in the archival profession? I guess, I can see salaries as largely driven by geography but access, preservation, metadata, descriptions, born digital, ect… are common themes. At any rate, best of luck on the newest venture.

The Society of California Archivists, the Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists, the Conference of Inter-Mountain Archivists, and the Northwest Archivists, Inc. are pleased to announce the establishment of a new peer reviewed open access, online journal—the Journal of Western Archives. The journal will explore important Western regional issues in archives, the development of the archival profession in the western United States, collaborative efforts and projects amongst cultural institutions, and other topics important to archivists working in the western United States. A first call for papers will be distributed early next week and will contain the new journal’s Web address. Contact Gordon Daines at gordon_daines @ with any questions.

Skype as a Reference Tool

23 02 2010

Project of the day is to install and test Skype. My Library is looking to use Skype to facilitate 2 long distance interviews and wanted something more intimate than a conference call. Having some familiarity with the software/service I have been tasked to help lead the project. This is great because I have had an interest in using Skype as a reference tool for our special collections. I’ll post about implementing Skype in general and in particular how we attempt to implement it as a reference tool.

On that note, it would be worth while to check out So Maybe This is Why no one uses Skype Reference Service from the Library Voice.  Chad Boeninger provides an excellent overview of his experience with Skype. I envision using the service a lot like Ohio University used it. Don’t call me crazy. Although we are doing the same thing , I DO expect different outcomes. I think that the outcomes will be different because our target users are different. Ohio U. naturally targeted its students. However, my target users are long distance baby boomers, with primarily genealogy reference questions. I believe that they want and are accustomed to the  face 2 face experience that Skype can give. I could be wrong but we’ll find out…